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Join Fabzy, the online booking app and market place for service companies

  • Enable 24/7 booking for your business
  • Enhance your customer experience
  • improve customer satisfaction and retension
  • Remotely monitor your business and individual staff performance.
List your business on the Fabzy marketplace to publish your calendar, services, publicise your establishment and take bookings 24/7. The most user friendly and intuitive way to make your business fully accessible via mobile apps.

  • Fabzy Helps You...

    Greater visibility and less work

    Make your business readily accessible, take bookings and secure payments 24/7 via mobile apps.

    Free Up Your Time

    Manage your time better through efficient scheduling of appointments. Freeing up your time to concentrate on your core business

    Improve customer experience

    Get access to right information, KPIs and customer interactions to improve and increase repeat business.

    Staff Profiles

    Each staff member manages their own profile on their own device Leading to greater autonomy and accountability

    Promote and supervise

    Simple and intuitive Business calendar.
    Promote your business through the App Showcase

    Key Benefits

    Reduce missed appointments through Text Messaging (SMS), Email and Push Notification reminders to you and your clients.

    Platform freely available to your clients and the ability to offer Off-peak pricing and discounts

    Secure online payments

    Business Analytics

    Business Profile

    Manage your bookings from your phone or PC in real-time

    Only verified clients can leave reviews and you can respond directly to each review.

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